Melanie Kirkpatrick

Melanie is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a former deputy editor of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page. She is the author of Lady Editor: Sarah Josepha Hale and the Making of the Modern American Woman; Thanksgiving: The Holiday at the Heart of the American Experience and Escape from North Korea: The Untold Story of Asia’s Underground Railroad. She has lived in Tokyo, Toronto, Hong Kong, and Manhattan and now resides in rural Connecticut.

“Thanks to Melanie Kirkpatrick, Hale finally has the biography she deserves—richly detailed and marvelously written.”

—Nathaniel Philbrick

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Lady Editor

A “short, beautiful history of our oldest national custom.”

—Amity Shlaes

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A “vivid account of North Koreans who dare to
make the leap for liberty.”

—Publishers Weekly

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Escape from North Korea