Thanksgiving: Reviews

“Melanie Kirkpatrick shows brilliantly how from cooking pot to melting pot, America is a product of Thanksgiving as much as Thanksgiving is a product of America. “

    —Andrew Roberts, author of Churchill: Walking With Destiny 

“In this short, beautiful, history of our oldest national custom, Melanie Kirkpatrick reminds us that we Americans have, and will always have, in common. An edifying, elevating book in the year of our worst division, Thanksgiving uplifts by informing and takes us to our better, internal American.”

     —Amity Shlaes, author of Great Society: A New History

“Wonderfully engaging.”

     —Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe 

[A] “Thanksgiving handbook for patriots.”

     —The Washington Times 

“The book is a mini civics lesson; it covers 400 years of our history.”

     —Natural Solutions 

“This book is deeply touching, uplifting . . . a wonderful examination of the history of the holiday.”

     —Kenneth Weinstein, Hudson Institute, on C-Span’s BookTV 

“[A] tremendous amount of insight on the Thanksgiving holiday.”

      —Newt Gingrich,


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